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As you may imagine, every successful company is only as effective as its work force, so we have a number of very important expectations in regards to the sort of responsibilities our potential subcontractors will need to undertake.

Please be sure to read through our Job Opportunities page in order to make sure you are a great fit for our company before choosing the position that suits you best.

Snow Shoveller

Are you fit, willing to work day or night to keep our community safe and make a killing doing it? If your answer is yes, we are always looking for on-call snow shovellers to help keep our homes, sidewalks and pathways clear of snow!

Equipment Operator

If you’re an equipment operator that has experience with winter management equipment we would like to hear from you. We have positions available for all snow removal and salting equipment operators.


If you own a plow truck, ATV, or any other benefitial snow removal and management equipment, we are looking to hear from you. We are currently looking to fill ALL equipment operator positions, so be sure to follow the link below to get in touch.

Administration / Tech / Management / Support

The following positions generally require technical knowhow, computer skills, customer service skills as well as management experience. If you feel this position is right up your alley, please fill out the form and be sure to include any relevant documents!