What makes our snow removal unique?

We have over 200 hard-working men and women on standby, ready to serve you 24 hours a day, any day of the year! This makes us one of the largest winter services provider that focuses on areas where the snow plows can’t go.

  • Priority Commercial & Strata Snow Removal, Ice Management and Salting
  • All-inclusive Pricing – Flat Rate with No Hidden Fees
  • 24-hour Site Monitoring with Hourly Temperature Checks and Alerts
  • Unlimited Dynamic Snowfall & Freezing Event Coverage
  • Multiple Visits Performed for Extreme Snow Storms and Freezing
  • Automatic Dispatch Service from First to Last Snowfall and Freezing
  • Environmentally Safe & Pet Friendly Organic De-icing Agent
  • Condensed Service Area to Provide the Fastest Rate of Response
  • Liability Mitigation Strategies with Emergency Daytime Responce

Our Services:

We are owned and managed entirely by women. Our skill sets include detail oriented management, efficient operations, high-level communication with clients and staff, responsive and reliable client care with the warm-hearted spirit of a woman.

We service cities throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley with stratigically placed zones in order to provide optimal reliability and prompt service.

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ADvanced ai assisted 24 Hour Site Monitoring

With our reliable 24-hour site monitoring, you are always protected! Our A.I. assisted Weather Canada ATOM feed application API checks for by-the-minute temperature reports and in the event of bad weather instantly sends our dispatchers mobile alerts— day or night — without fail.  A system so fantastically high tech, we truly believe even NASA would be proud.

Liability Mitigation Strategies

We are one of the few companies in the lower mainland that specialize in liability mitigation. Our specialized teams are trained to assess your property for winter liability issues. We make recommendations on how to most effectively address potential liability. The cost of a slip and fall is massive! Your insurance premiums skyrocket if you are found at fault. Let us help you prevent that.


We offer around the clock temperature monitoring to ensure that if there is a forecasted or unforecasted drop in temperature, your property is safe. Our management team monitors the Pitt Meadows weather station hourly as it’s updated. If there is a freezing event throughout the night, we automatically dispatch our salting teams. (6pm-3am)

Condensed Service Area

With our strategically condensed service area, our dispatchers and ground crews can focus on getting directly to you in record time so that we can get the job done and give you peace of mind. We currently provide service throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Our laser focused customer service will not disappoint and will provide comfort even in the dead of winter.

Automatic Dispatch Snow Removal Contracts

We have over 200 dependable men and women on stand-by — at all times — in case of snow accumulation and serious weather events. Depending on your contract, we automatically dispatch snow clearing crews as soon as there is snow on the ground, and will relentlessly keep returning to keep your properly safe and secure. Save the calls for Dominos pizza!

All–inclusive winter services

Mother nature can be cold and ruthless, but that doesn’t mean you have to be at her mercy. With our dynamic winter service packages, we take care of monitoring the weather — so you don’t have to! At any given time, day or night, as soon as 2 inches of snow accumulates our dispatchers send the calvary to clear your sidewalks, walkways, driveways, stairs, parking lots. “Set it and forget it”, as they say!

Snow Removal and Salting Services