Does Your Residential Strata Really Need Snow Removal In Vancouver?

Does Your Residential Strata Really Need Snow Removal In Vancouver?

Living in Vancouver’s strata properties can be a great experience, but winter weather brings its own special challenges. Snow and ice removal is an important part of keeping the grounds safe and accessible for residents. But does your strata really need snow removal services? This article will explore what factors you should consider when deciding if it’s necessary to hire a professional snow removal company.

When it comes to managing strata property in Vancouver, one of the most challenging tasks is dealing with winter weather like snow and ice. Not only do these elements create slippery surfaces that can pose serious safety risks, they also require extra time for shoveling and salting walkways. It’s not always easy to decide whether or not hiring a professional snow removal service is worth the expense.

The good news is there are plenty of things to consider before making this decision. From understanding local by-laws regarding maintenance requirements to assessing the size of your property – all of these details play into whether or not your strata needs outside help with snow removal. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about determining if your strata requires professional snow removal services in Vancouver.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Snow Removal For A Strata

When it comes to residential strata properties in Vancouver, snow removal is a key question that needs to be addressed. There are both advantages and disadvantages that come with hiring a professional snow removal service for your complex. Let’s look at each one in turn.

The most obvious advantage of having a professional winter service provider contracted is that it will mitigate your risk of a slip & fall accident, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hiring a service provider to complete snow removal and salting services will save you and your neighbors from shoveling out driveways and walkways after storms. A reliable team can quickly clear snow and ice so everyone can safely move around their property again. 

Another way that a good snow removal service helps strata owners is by keeping up appearances when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Instead of being stuck with drifts of unplowed snow piled high against buildings or cars parked outside, you get visitors coming into a neat and tidy complex – no matter how much winter throws at you!

On the downside, contracting out this type of work means additional costs that need to be taken into account when budgeting expenses throughout the year. Depending on the winter, this could mean higher special levies or increased assessment charges if your strata has not budgeted properly. It may require some careful planning but ultimately ensuring adequate funds are available will help ensure smooth operations during those cold months ahead!

Snow removal presents pros and cons for any strata property owner in Vancouver – it just requires a bit of forethought about how best to manage these services going forward. With appropriate investments now, you can make sure your complex stays safe and attractive even under severe weather conditions later down the line!

Regulations And By-Laws For Snow Removal

Snow removal is an important part of property management in Vancouver. It helps to ensure the safety and comfort of residents, as well as protect their property from damage due to excessive snow accumulation or icy conditions. As such, strata councils must take steps to ensure that regulations and guidelines are established for snow removal.

Firstly, strata council should outline which areas need snow clearing and de-icing. This may depend on the type of building, the number of occupants, access routes required by fire personnel, etc. Clear instructions should also be provided regarding gate access and special membranes that could be damaged by equipment or de-ice agent.

Strata councils must consider liability issues related to snow removal services. For example, contractors hired for this purpose should have the proper insurance coverage and any potential hazards should be identified before beginning work. 

Finally, landlords or homeowners’ associations living in a neighborhood densely populated with other residential strata properties may want to inquire about a ‘Neighborhood Block Discounts‘ that may be available through local snow removal companies. Doing so could potentially save them money while ensuring that necessary tasks are completed quickly and safely according to all applicable laws and regulations.

Types Of Snow Removal Services

As Vancouver’s winter months approach, strata properties must consider snow removal services to ensure that the grounds remain safe and accessible for residents. There are many types of snow removal services available in Vancouver, each having its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs of the property.

One type is plowing, which involves pushing or lifting accumulated snow from a designated area with a large machine such as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or truck equipped with special blades. Plowing can quickly remove large amounts of snow and ice but can also be quite loud and disruptive during early morning hours when most people are asleep. It may also cause damage to landscaping features like flowerbeds and trees if not done properly.

Another option is shoveling by hand, also known as snow shovelling, which requires manual labor but often results in more precise work than plowing since it allows for greater control over where the snow is moved. This method can take longer than mechanized plowing but will usually be quieter. 

Finally, chemical deicers like salt can be used to melt away ice and keep walkways free from slippery surfaces during winter conditions. While these products are effective at melting ice and preventing slipping hazards, they do have some drawbacks – salt runoff can damage nearby plants and corrode certain metallic materials found around the property; plus they need to be reapplied frequently due to rain or heavy traffic on pathways.

Whether you are a residential or commercial strata, we recommend finding a provider that uses high-quality, environmentally friendly ice melt for ice control.  

winter services provide vital safety benefits while ensuring access across all areas of your strata’s outdoor spaces throughout wintertime in Vancouver. Careful consideration should be given when choosing between different options, taking into account factors such as cost-efficiency, disruption levels, effectiveness against icy surfaces, potential environmental impacts and ease of maintenance.

Cost Considerations Of Snow Removal In Vancouver

When it comes to snow removal in Vancouver, cost is a major factor for any strata property. The cost of hiring a residential snow removal provider may be viewed as a significant expense for certain strata complexes. On the other hand, when considering the potential risks associated with not removing snow from common areas, it’s important to weigh both the financial costs as well as safety concerns.

The most obvious cost consideration is the price charged by service providers to perform the services. Depending on a number of factors, such as your strata’s size and layout, and how heavy of a winter season, these services may need to be repeated multiple times throughout the winter season. It’s also worth factoring in whether you will require additional services such as off-site snow removal – which can further increase your expenditure.

Furthermore, if there are elderly residents or young children living within your building complex then special attention should be paid to ensuring that all paths remain free from ice and snow so they don’t slip over during their daily routine. This could involve finding a provider that will provide timely and  dependable services, whether it’s to clear sidewalks or parking lots.

Before making any decisions regarding snow removal at your strata property, it’s important to carefully consider all factors involved including budgeting restrictions and potential liabilities caused by hazardous conditions due to inadequate maintenance. Without proper planning, these considerations could end up costing much more than anticipated in the long run, it is important to consult your snow removal professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Risks Associated With Snow Removal In Vancouver?

The most obvious risk when it comes to snow removal is damage caused by shoveling or plowing. If done incorrectly, either could cause significant harm to plants and other landscaping features. Additionally, large piles of snow created by plows can block footpaths and driveways; potentially blocking access for tenants or visitors. This could lead to liability issues if someone were injured while trying to navigate around an area that was not adequately cleared of snow.

Finally, hiring contractors for snow removal services brings its own set of challenges ranging from finding licensed and insured professionals who will provide quality workmanship at competitive rates all the way through ensuring there are no safety hazards posed due to inadequate training or improper equipment usage. Taking time upfront to vet local contractors and review insurance policies prior to signing contracts may save money in the long run if something goes wrong later down the road.

How Do You Know When The Snow Has Reached A Level That Requires Removal?

Most providers offer automatic dispatch services, which will automatically dispatch services crews to your property to clear snow if accumulation trigger point is reached. The industry standard is to clear snow once there is 2″ of accumulation on the ground, however, depending on your snow removal contract the trigger may vary.

How Do You Identify Which Type Of Snow Removal Service Is Right For Your Strata?

When it comes to snow removal for strata properties in Vancouver, figuring out which type of service is right can be a challenge. Many factors must be taken into consideration when determining the best approach – how much snow needs to be removed, what types of surfaces need clearing, and any special considerations like safety or accessibility. Fortunately, there are several options available that you can use to find the ideal solution for your strata property.

The first step to finding the perfect fit is determining exactly how much snow will need to be cleared away each time. An experienced contractor should be able to assess this based on local weather patterns and other factors such as terrain and traffic flow. Once an accurate estimate has been made, then you’ll know whether manual shovelling or mechanical equipment is needed. If there’s only a light dusting of snowfall every few weeks then manually shovelling may suffice; however if heavy accumulations are anticipated then mechanized solutions might make more sense.

If opting for machinery-based removal services then researching different companies’ capabilities is essential before making a decision. Different contractors may specialize in different aspects of snow removal, such as commercial snow removal. Knowing their specific areas of expertise can help narrow down your choices quickly. Additionally, many offer additional features such as salting or de-icing services that could prove invaluable during those especially cold winter months!

How Can I Ensure That My Strata Is Following The Applicable Regulations And Guidelines For Snow Removal?

It is important for strata property managers to ensure that their strata’s snow removal regulations and guidelines are being followed. This can be a daunting task, especially in Vancouver where the weather conditions can change quickly, leading to an influx of snowfall accumulation. To make sure your strata complies with all applicable laws and regulations, here are some tips on how you can ensure successful compliance when it comes to snow removal.

First and foremost, research local municipal bylaws regarding snow removal in your city. Depending on the size of the strata complex, there may be additional requirements or restrictions imposed by municipal governments or other regulatory bodies. Familiarizing yourself with these regulations will help you stay informed about any changes that could potentially affect your strata’s snow removal procedures.

Vancouver’s Snow Removal Bylaw:
76. The owner or occupier of any parcel of real property shall, not later than 10:00 a.m. every day, remove snow and ice from any sidewalk adjacent to such parcel for a distance that coincides with the parcel’s property line and for the full width of the sidewalk.  

76A. If an owner or occupier of any parcel of real property fails to remove snow and ice, as required by section 76, the City Engineer may authorize the removal by another person and the costs of such removal shall be at the expense of the owner or occupier as the case may be, and the city may recover such expense by action in a court of competent jurisdiction.  

76B. Notwithstanding the requirement set out in section 76, no owner or occupier of any parcel of real property shall cause, permit or allow any snow or ice to remain on a sidewalk adjacent to such parcel for a period of more than 24 hours. 

Next, hire a professional winter service provider to handle the snow removal process. It is essential to look into different companies’ qualifications and services offered before deciding which one best meets the needs of your strata. Experienced contractors should have knowledge of both safety protocols as well as proper techniques for efficient snow clearance from common areas such as driveways and walkways. Additionally, they should also possess appropriate insurance policies to protect themselves from liability claims related to their work.

By taking these steps prior to the onset of inclement weather seasons, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done everything possible to keep residents safe while avoiding costly mistakes associated with inadequate planning around winter-related activities at your strata property.

What Are The Long-Term Financial Implications Of Snow Removal For My Strata?

When it comes to strata property management in Vancouver, snow removal is a key consideration. With the wet and temperate climate of the region, heavy precipitation can quickly turn into snow during the winter months. As such, understanding the long-term financial implications of snow removal for your strata is essential for making informed decisions about how best to manage your building.

First and foremost, an obligation exists on the part of all stratas to ensure that they are following applicable regulations and guidelines regarding snow removal. Failure to do so could result in costly fines or lawsuits from slip & fall accidents – both of which can have serious financial implications. Beyond this, there’s also additional costs associated with having professional snow removal services contracted throughout the winter; including hiring contractors, purchasing equipment (like shovels or salt), and paying for overtime labour as necessary.

On top of these direct costs associated with snow removal itself, other indirect expenses may arise depending on the severity of weather conditions over time. For example, if large amounts of ice accumulate around walkways due to inadequate clearing by a service provider, could lead to slips or falls by residents or visitors resulting in potential liability claims against the strata corporation or even physical damage from thawing/freezing cycles leading to cracks in walls or driveways that require repair work later down the line.

Ultimately then, taking proactive steps towards ensuring proper compliance with relevant laws and regulations around snow removal will not only help avoid any immediate legal issues but also provide peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken measures to mitigate potentially significant financial impacts down the road when winter rolls into Vancouver – without breaking your budget now!


Strata property owners in Vancouver must consider the risks associated with snow removal. It’s important to hire a professional winter service provider and ensure all regulations are followed. It’s also essential to understand the long-term financial implications of having not hiring a snow removal company.

Snow removal doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task; by working with professionals who are experienced in dealing with Vancouver’s climate, you can make sure that your strata is adequately prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws its way!

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