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The Journey of Snow Queen

Started in 2007 by President Isabelle Bailey, Snow Queen has grown from a small one woman business into a large scale operation with over 250 employees and contractors. With determination and a corporate vision, Snow Queen has become a leader in the winter management industry by fulfulling a drive for innovation, providing outstanding service experiences & unmatched performance.

Serving strata, commercial and retail properties, Snow Queen goes above and beyond to provide peace of mind to our clients. We offer comprehensive winter services, snow removal and de-icing, as well as liability prevention programs to the cities of throughout Metro Vancouver. Our contracts provide all inclusive, automatic dispatch snow removal, organic grade salting and any related winter care products and services.

Isabelle Bailey

Isabelle Bailey

President & CEO

Our Team

Isabelle Bailey

President & CEO

Matthew DyIewski

Chief Technical Officer

Lana Cummings

Director of Customer Relations

Caery Harris

Marketing & Communications Director

Jordan Flatman

Operations Manager

Lee-Ann Bates


Candice Robinson

Account Manager

Maria Matute

Administrative Assistant

An Accredited Provider

asca accredited
SIMA accredited
Better Business accredited

Our Core Values

  • Integrity Through All Actions.
  • Behaving in an honest, fair and ethical manner; exhibiting high standards of ethics in order to build commitment.

  • Passion For Innovation.
  • Open to new perspectives and approaches when solving problems, seeking ideas or suggestions from others and gathering information, in order to improve processes, methods, systems and services; embracing new technologies and be the first to create applications in our industry.

  • Memorable Customer Experiences.
  • Consistently anticipating customer’s needs, and pro-actively identifying and addressing opportunities for improvement; making every customer contact a positive and memorable experience.

  • Team Member Engagement.
  • Sharing success with the whole team; fostering open dialogue; creating a feeling of belonging within the team in order to help team members feel connected and vested in the company.

Our Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy

Service Through Reverence, Integrity, Value & Excellence.

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