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Snow Removal in Langley: Benefits for Businesses

Businesses in Langley and the surrounding areas often have to contend with snow during the winter. It can be a real problem for businesses, as they may see decreased foot traffic or even closure due to an accumulation of snow. A professional snow removal company will make sure that your business is open and ready Read More…

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Worried about Slip & Fall Injuries in your Business?

Slips & falls are the leading cause of workplace injuries and combined with winter weather conditions, it’s important to take proactive steps to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place. A professional snow removal service is one way to help keep your employees safe and productive during this winter season. By keeping walkways, Read More…

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The Challenges of Snow Removal in Langley

New Developments and Difficult Weather Patterns Langley, British Columbia is a rapidly growing city. As new developments spring up, the need for efficient snow removal increases. Unfortunately, the weather in Langley can be quite unpredictable and sees significantly more snow accumulation than other cities in the Lower Mainland, and this creates unique challenges for snow Read More…

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Customer Service in Snow Removal

Like any service company, it is critical for the longevity of the company to create a reputation of providing outstanding customer service. Although at times it may feel you have done everything possible to provide outstanding customer service, yet, somehow still fall short of offering a truly memorable experience when providing snow removal services. So Read More…

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2021 Company Reflection

With 2021 coming to a close, and 2022 just around the bend, we reflect on what Snow Queen Winter Management has accomplished this past year. Snow Queen was required to be nimble, navigating the world of insurance, and managing the crippling effects the insurance climate has on snow removal services, but it has been another Read More…

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