Liability Mitigation

Risk Management

The More You Know

The average winter related slip & fall claim is $85,000.

What is liability migitation?

As a property owner, business owner or strata corporation, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe and accessible property for your client, tenants, employees, and visitors. This means having a reputable winter services provider or be well equipped to manage it in house. When it unexpectedly freezes or snows, hazards are created, which must be promptly addressed with appropriate documentation. Anything short of that is considered negligence in the eyes of the court system when dealing with an accident such as a slip and fall.

Building a Defence for you

It is more than just ice & snow. Performing snow clearing and applying de-icer is a small fraction of what Snow Queen Winter Management does during a snow or freezing event. It is about specific detailed records and a high level of preparedness, ensuring we can protect our customers, and handle what winter delivers.

With on the ground supervisors, strict operational procedures, proprietary monitoring, and a detailed service reporting system, we compile unique data about your property.

The Snow Queen Advantage

With our President and CEO serving as an expert witness in the area of snow and ice-related accidents, this gives us the upper hand when making decisions on our customer's behalf to keep them out of liability.


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