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Slip and falls are the most common premise for liability cases. They are typically defined as slip, trip or fall on another's property that causes injury to the claimant. Generally speaking slip and falls can be caused by many different circumstances, however, in winter, a slip and fall is most commonly caused by weather conditions, and poor ice management.

Snow Queen is in a unique position to provide assist law firms across Canada with snow & ice-related winter legal cases. Our industry-leading quality standards and emphasis on liability mitigation allow Snow Queen to provide a perspective that can not be found anywhere else within the winter service industry.

If your law firm needs an industry-leading point of view on Snow Removal & Ice Management, feel free to contact us today to inquire how we can assist with your legal case.

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Our President and CEO, Isabelle Bailey, serves as an expert witness for the Supreme Court of Canada on cases involving Winter Condition Related Accidents, Liability Events, Snow, Ice, Ice Management, Snow Clearing, Standards of Care, Best Practice, Slip and Falls, Snow Removal Corporate structure, Standard of Care and Industry Common Practices. With over 15 years in the Winter Management Industry in the unpredictable and unique weather systems of Southwest British Columbia.

Along with being the President & CEO of Snow Queen, Isabelle sits on the board of directors of several Snow Removal related companies. Isabelle is well versed, proficient and has the well-rounded experience to provide unbiased reports and perspectives.

Isabelle, and the Snow Queen team provide a wealth of knowledge and perspective on the winter service industry when litigating slip and fall lawsuits. Our team is capable of working with both plaintiffs and defendants of such legal cases.

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Consulting and Expert Witness Services are available in areas such as: snow removal, snow plowing, salting, de-icing, risk management, standards of care, industry standards, policies and procedures, operations, and weather-related analysis.

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