Maximize your income with your ATV & Snow Queen

Do you have an ATV? Join the #1 team in Snow & Ice and make easy money.


Are you looking to turn your ATV into a valuable source of extra income? Snow Queen has the perfect opportunity for you! By partnering with us, you can significantly contribute towards paying off your truck payments, mortgage, or even your ATV itself.

Snow Queen stands out in the industry by offering the highest hourly rate available. You can start earning an impressive $110 per hour simply by using your quad. backed by a solid reputation of paying on time.


Got a quad, but no plow? Don’t let that hold you back from working with us. With our partnership network, we are able to get you the best deal on plow so you can get our clearing snow this winter.


That you should care about.

Our competitors may use software (some are even still pen & paper), but they don’t use our software. Our proprietary software & mobile app makes your life as an operator a breeze.

Cutting Edge Software

Four reasons to start putting your atv to work

Benefits of working with snow queen

Leading Industry Rate

We are proud to say we lead the industry in offering the highest hourly rate for ATV’s.


Work When You Want

With our Snow Queen App, you can work when you want. Accept or decline jobs to fit your schedule.


SnowSTAR Certification

Learn from the Experts. You can receive your SnowSTAR certification, and learn from the best in the business.


A Solid Reputation

Snow Queen was founded on integrity and has built a solid reputation within the winter service industry.

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