Snow Queen Winter Management is thrilled to announce an increase in our service list capacity by 20% for this 2021/2022 winter season. With the current weather outlook and insurance woes facing winter service providers leaving properties out in the cold, we have decided to increase our service capacity.

Our contractor relations and hiring department have been actively engaged in adding additional qualified contractors and personnel over the past month, allowing Snow Queen to increase our snow removal and ice management service capacity.

With this capacity increase, our team’s primary focus has been to ensure we continue to provide exceptional snow removal service quality while ensuring our customer’s liability is not exposed. With the demand for snow removal services in Surrey, Langley, and Vancouver, the strategic decision to increase our services within those municipalities allows us to overall to provide greater winter services in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam & New Westminster that require snow removal.

Get on our service list today by calling us at (604) 359-8895 or request a quote.

About Snow Queen Winter Management

Snow Queen is a leader in winter services providing snow removal, ice management, liability mitigation, and expert witness services. Our mission is to provide exceptional & unmatched winter services to industrial, commercial, and strata customers throughout Metro Vancouver. Innovating the winter service industry by incorporating efficiency-boosting technology allowing service providers to manage winter, better.

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