Slip and fall accidents are among the most common injuries in the winter months, and they cause a considerable financial burden on retail businesses.

Foot traffic for retailers in 2020 dropped an average of 40% due to COVID-19; however, the risk for a slip & fall on a retail property rose.

Many factors are play when it comes to the increased risk of slip & falls for businesses; less income, the introduction of “curbside pickup,” and cuts to maintenance budgets, including winter services such as snow removal & ice management. Creating a perfect storm of liability, leading to a $50,000 slip & fall claim, which could be a devastating blow to a business in this pandemic.

Precautions can be taken to minimize slip & fall hazards, along with adding additional risk in these unprecedented times. This is where Snow Queen, a leader in winter management, help. We manage your winter-related slip & fall risk by creating a snow & ice management plan, decreasing the risk to the highest percentage possible for your business while mitigating your liability.

Whether your business in a shopping center in North Vancouver or an industrial park in Surrey, Snow Queen has the knowledge and ability with our fleet (loaders, plows, and ATVs), our organic grade de-icer, and Snow Queen’s advanced weather monitoring system, ensuring your customer’s and staff’s safety from snow & ice-related slip & fall accidents.

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