Who is Responsible For Snow Removal

Vancouver is no stranger to heavy snowfalls during the winter months. With our stunning mountain scenery and cozy neighborhoods, the city transforms into a winter wonderland, but however beautiful snow may look, it can quickly turn into a nuisance for residents and businesses alike. As a result, you may wonder who is responsible for snow clearing in Vancouver.

The City of Vancouver

First, it’s important to understand that Vancouver’s snow removal policies are dictated by its municipal government, the City of Vancouver. Specifically, the city’s Engineering department is responsible for snow removal & snow clearing within the city.

The city’s snow removal & salting plan of a attach primarily focus on major arterial roads, bridges, and hills. In addition, the city will prioritize bus routes and roads leading to hospitals and emergency services.

City crews will expand their snow removal operations to include smaller secondary roads and residential areas once the snow has stopped falling, and the arterial routes are clear. The City of Vancouver winter budget was $4.1 million in 2021.

Homeowners and Property Managers

Homeowners and property managers are responsible for snow removal on sidewalks and driveways. This means that if you own a house or manage a property, it is your responsibility to clear the snow from the sidewalk in front of your property. Failure to do so can result in fines.

The city bylaw states that a property owner must clear the sidewalk in front of their property by 10 am the day after a snowfall. This includes weekends and holidays. If the sidewalk is not cleared by that time, the city may issue a fine of $250. In addition to the fine, the city may also clear the sidewalk and charge the property owner for the cost of the work.

If someone slips and falls on the snow or ice on your property, you may be liable for any injuries. This is why it is important to clear the snow and ice from your property as soon as possible after a snowfall.

Commercial Snow Removal

In addition, businesses are also responsible for ensuring that their properties are clear of snow and ice. This can be a challenging task, particularly for those who lack the necessary equipment or experience to clear snow effectively. However, there are many professional snow removal companies in Vancouver that can help.

These companies typically offer a range of snow removal services, including snow plowing, shoveling, and salting. By working with a professional winter service company, homeowners and businesses can ensure that their properties remain safe and accessible, even during heavy snowfall events.

Of course, professional snow removal services can be costly, particularly for larger properties or smaller residential strata properties. As a result, many residents and businesses may choose to take a DIY approach to snow removal. This is a strategy that can expose the property to massive liability risk, and potentially lead to a costly lawsuit.

In conclusion, while the city of Vancouver is responsible for maintaining its roads during snowfall events, residents and businesses also have a role to play in snow removal, by hiring a professional winter service company to clear their sidewalks and property of snow and ice.

If you are looking to hire a professional snow removal company in Vancouver, call Snow Queen Winter Management at (604) 359-8895 or request a quote.